2023 COGRC Specialty Show Entry Procedures

Instructions for completing entry form and making payments.

View and/or Print Premium List posted Below

Please read the premium list so you are aware of the offerings, procedures, and precautions.

If you are a small club like us, hoping to provide a streamlined entry process and an exceptional experience for exhibitors, you know the struggle with handwritten USPS delivered entries.  In an effort to improve the process for both our exhibitors and our dedicated show secretary, we highly encourage (well...beg) you to utilize the typeable, fill-in-the-blank, entry forms we have provided on this page.  

In addition to the fillable forms, we also have set up a “store” so that you can select the show(s) and other items you are “purchasing.”  This will calculate the amount due and provide a link to our PayPal account.  (If you are paying for others, please enter detailed notes.)

Okay...We admit it...We are not 100% online entry...

VERY IMPORTANT!!  Even if you checked out and paid online, you MUST still actually print/save the entry forms once typed and send to us via either snail mail or scan the forms and email them (preferred).  (Include a Screen Shot of PayPal)

You may still print the entry and ancillary forms in the Premium to hand-write. 

Email all entries to:


Mail all entries to:

Angela Whinnery

8013 NW 128th Circle

Oklahoma City OK  73142-2209

PayPay Link:  @COGRC1 (Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club 1) (Send PayPal Receipt to us please)

     Live Link in Premium:  https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/COGRC1?locale.x=en_US

If you wish to pay by check:  Make checks payable to COGRC


If you wish to pay by credit/debit card but not through PayPal: please fill out the Form for Credit Card Payments.  You can find that form on page 6 of the Premium or access in the files below.

Access Premium List and Typeable Forms Here

Select the Items and Quantities you are Purchasing, Checkout and Pay

1st Entry of Each Dog (each show/day)

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Conformation (dog & bitch classes), Obedience, Rally

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